Monday, January 5, 2009


(The inside jokes and the misbehaving ways and the worst of it like a pie in the face when you wake up hungover again and the gray day is a little grayer sweeping away the ways you move underneath its weight dragging you down and the world will be a little lighter without you around to step all over it)

Grandiloquent and shabby and dull, before next Wednesday we’ll have some peace around here, graphs show where the pointer points, falling out of bed, functioning is optional, lastly erstwhile nothing changes, bummering and lost, stamped and unlicked and somehow ready, watching Abel Gance movies in the dark, contumacious and silently screaming while that scream is still looking for a mouth, back-seat driving and beleaguered, there are more isolationists in the hills, welcome the little runts dancing in the brick dust, deceive the defeated into smiling, cook a steak, there are more millionaires in the hairs of a rat than in all the beautiful singing children’s hearts, we cannot motor on this river no more with this rudderless boat, carrying Nebraska was enough to make the hard hearted farmers march in the dirt roads with pitchforks raised high to raze the world, cauliflower grows in the boxer’s ear, the devil shaved yesterday and looks a little younger but not any more healthy, watch all the different ways of driving that we do, bocce balls were not meant to be thrown like baseballs at things like walls or people’s heads, there are more than 883 different ways of being distracted by a fly, willpower makes itself up all the time without making any sense or money, furthermore is rarely used in conversation, a spellchecker didn’t invent spelling, winning isn’t always the best way to win, defying to defy gravity is mostly what we do here on the ground, the Wizard of Oz is not so wonderful, putting pants on can be done both legs at a time, personalities are personal, there are words and there are worlds and there is autopoiesis, the sound of a cap gun, the sound of a cannon, the sound of a cicada in the grass, the sound of the moon, the sound of a small child crying, the sound of shoes on linoleum, the sound of rain, the sound of shit plopping into toilet water, the sound of grass growing, the sound of jumper cables, the sound of swimming pools, the sound of soup, the sound of tires on wet cement, the sound of refrigerators, the sound of aerosol, the sound of a violin drifting from an open window across the street on a quiet night, the sound of machines, the sound of bracelets, the sound of Emmy Lou Harris, the sound of computer keys, the sound of marching soldiers, the sound of presidents, the sound of death…