Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Planck's Plaint

light travels so fast that it doesn’t travel at all

just rewiring the hard-wired head of existing

(in an irreconcilable way)

heavy as gravity

quiet as lice

and hell

well you know

no thing can ever happen at the exact same time as another thing


we can never get close to such a small thing

nor can we grasp the idea of something too large

shit darling

from the event horizon to the singularity of being

a silhouette of nature’s vacuum cleaner

performing a routine evacuation of everything you’ve ever known

just think of it

a projectile’s capacity for selfhood is unsustainable

if the escape velocity for happiness happens

when life’s just a neutron star dreaming of infinite density

or a 2,000 mile man falling feet first

squeezed like a toothpaste tube

whispering about the propagation of light

(the point of no return is a non-event)

my dear

Newton never knew the value of his own constant

and of course

skew lines in more than three dimensions never meet

(even though they’re not parallel)

I’ll tell ya

geodesics on a sphere are great circles

and don’t you ever forget it

high energy means short wave length

low energy means long wave length

by the way

photons don’t tell god what to do


fuck it

embrace the universe in a single formula

don’t wait on me to do it for you

you sick son of a bitch