Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 from "all the print that's fit to news"

our good buddies the firebugs

there’s a woman who breathes walgreens with placebo susurrations (dot dot dash)

a MileCloak (period)

a garnish of gravy dumb-waitering (comma slash) eternity

or just specks (caps) of instances which cost less than movie projectors

so (implied comma) it started out that the time involved in waiting spent useless jacarandas

like (left-handed quotation mark) (nested quotation mark) chocolate-dipped (nested quotation mark) leaves (right-handed quotation mark)

only more insolent (apostrophe of the mind) and less concaving to the moment

grief laughed

a mordant cornflake (caret) whispered

“i think i think i think i can think…” (no quotes) (no ellipses)


that’ll serve a mis-pronounced tulip of

dropped sedulity (humpback whale)

commandeering (just listen) the jeep-hug (guillemet) of cheap kindness (guillemet)

blissed into trashed motors of fruition

(period period) (serious period) (period silly backslash period)

holidays ran on her sighs

a woman who runs out of (perfumed vacuum-cleaner dust) cadillac tears

a woman who screams (exclamation points) punches to life

a who-once-where (singled out question mark) of a woman

and (gullwing) there’s gravy in the rain

(bracket) and there’s (bracket) genius in an over-the-ocean guess

plus a tad (pilcrow) (at sign)

minus a dawn’s early light (registered trade mark)

steeply on impulse driven (proper tidings) sane

there (cue holiday music) once was a diamond who sold a (bite me) century to a television

pot-holing (craven comma) about

around (interpunct) or (interpunct) all (interpunct) that’s over then

now so there’s this guy (loosely based on nobody) under-coated with reasonableness

his hat’s indispensable to current shifts in insolvency (generic currency symbol)

at least (bullet backslash asterisk) in half-courtings

(underscore) (period) eventual drawings raffled out in promissory notes (capital letter)

a lady (dagger) who (inverted exclamation point) guns down sudafed

gallant (colon) stridings (comma) towards bad timing

half (piece of cake) a lot

(semicolon) more (period)

it’s a (1,2,3) tie

but nobody’s running


the hunch is that I will be a robotic moan issuing from the hole left after the world has left

and here we’re also left with bank statements pollarding the dullness of being happy

to grow and reinvest and take stock

and of course


like being a victim of a stickup at a boxing match

but there is only a mulish envy left

at the bend in every untraceable road you choose

or just the usual circumstantial problems

of being left out too long


from stormy weather and other speculations about the togetherness of

being left torn all apart

because if it weren’t for the lasting impression made by

casual celebrities

and jackhammered daisies before sunrise

tears would seem the most antediluvian of solutions

but in the caress of leftover thoughts

we only think of other people when it’s convenient

convenience being merely a harbinger of impatience


like fireflies stamped out by sun

our tolerance for others dwindles

and we paste dollar bills on the inside of book jackets

a crocus falls from a buttonhole

a sleepy gumdrop decides the fate of the day

as the banks of night take deposits of love and love’s failures

evidence grows like foxtails between the pastures of purgatory

and apartment 2A

we sleep and borrow

and purge the pith from what it is

we are left saying out loud

a gull dips lavishly into the sky’s grape jelly

hitler’s ghost gets drunk on fox news

and we

with a sinister slurred satisfaction

sing bogus slogans

and put off decisions

in an imitation of happiness

an attempt to fend off the pettiness of boredom

while sleeping through malachite afternoons

wearing noise-proof headphones

bleating white noise and stock quotes

into our unlistening ears


Nobody’s ever heard of my first love.

Her name was


Things to be known about


were lost in the shambles of car-driven afternoons.

Kind was kind of the course we drove,

but it was more towards shifty and dangerous,

which was good

except that we promised guilt along with spelling feints,

and letters don’t always add up to chicanery or other desperate greedy swallows.

Nobody knew me.

It was before I mattered.

A dossier was kept.

A pool was kept free of algae and mosquitoes.

Carpet was lawn:

something to fall on.

Feel free to expostulate.

There’s always room for one more t-shirt vendor.