Tuesday, May 10, 2011

ee cummings’ one-night stand

hearing is believing when you’re blind to being better than good for once it’s trouble that we’re getting ourselves into here where seeing is dying a little less all the time in the trap of saying no over and over for no good reason like when it’s raining on venus again this yes is what we tell ourselves but nobody else in the moon-bright of what’s here for now before we get to going or moving on with it already because the past is just what we’ve stained with being us or a pillow that holds the shape of our heads for a lily’s while at least we’ve got each other for now like this and if any oneeyed son of a bitch wants to come along and call it quits on the whole thing then well what’re you going to do about it but just lie there huger than the grave and enjoy what’s left of laughing and drunkenness which is more than anything and everything you could imagine all at once in any how of a why and it does matter because it doesn’t matter at all while we both smoke cigarettes completely flowered in our breathing and watch a ceiling bigger than a circustent explode like stars never taught to dance and talk as if the world’s coming to an end…which it is