Sunday, December 8, 2013

a ‘66 dodge to Carolina

like cover crops
clover and winter rye 
a rare prairie
a distinct murmur’s mum
like right’s misstep
or wrong’s hard-won lease
a breeze it is
like suffering’s blight or
birmingham in the moonlight
put it off
we’ve got bad gaskets and worse excuses
the radiator’s leaking rum
put it on
the reason’s just an estimate
time’s just a swindle’s purr
a wounded vet’s moan
a move-over’s beef
a locked hurt
like licked pieces of jerky
like a robbed heart’s loan
meaner though
and with it
nuzzled to sleep through it
bottled and run out
pounding the dents out of our souls
nobody’s giving any of it
veiled to rope off the whole scene
copping to it
rules are extinct
we’ll get on fine without them
i am sure of it
a trail of smoke’s the only witness
and the hemi’s dreaming on the lam
cross-flowing through the double-rocked gist of us
tossing orange peels in the rearview’s glance
everything's planted
we’ll be tied to the stakes
in some dive bar somewhere
plugging up the holes of resistance
with just a few more for the road
i am sure of it