Friday, April 24, 2009

The Genius Of The Tree's Leaves Baffles The Wind

skylarking isn’t something you just think about doing (while you’re doing it) you would never think of the word frolic to describe your activities either (so here’s the fucking rub) nothing to it because you don’t have to think (not about what you’re doing while you’re doing it) it just is (so if liking is to jelly what hating is to roll then you will not ever know) besides it is always more profound to not have to just say hi or to do the doing without the trying (muddy spikes and spitballs have less to do with each other than they have in common with the weather) jesus makes it plain and simply circles (crimping the style of a crooner reeks of remorse when the commonest thing to excoriate is some hectoring do-gooder god disabusing the good of bad notions) rapt and at attention (facts besides themselves are just that) spiriting away what is left of one into crackerjack boxes and molehills (needles needlessly scratching sun-scorched skin) the whole fucking trinity slammed on the brakes before the god machine slammed into the derangement of the cold hard facts’ brick wall (you wouldn’t say keepsakes in conversation but instead something about tchotchkes or knickknacks or clutter or emptiness taking up space even might come up) o’er yonder ‘neath steely skies the color of changing channels crept unwillingness to hide below loss (push out and on to shove before beneath becomes above) wisteria doesn’t always get a chance to climb (bow out before begin and want will always win) mankind tips the scales at adore (potato chips are left feeling misunderstood) just don’t think about it (okay) while the humming brush of the commuter rush distills loneliness like sun through a skylight (got it) make plans and do without (breathing and getting lumps out of the throat) turn your coat inside out and watch flowers grow and keep a small flask of whiskey in your breast pocket (catch a cold and throw it back) the spilled drops of who you were might make a puddle soon and if god should happen by a shoe might get wet with a step or a splash might forget what is missing (still a screen will save itself from going quite mad) and don’t try on oblivion for size too soon (fight back while you can) if the gate is open walk on by until it locks itself and then try to break in (the kids will make for better astronauts than foot soldiers in your war) copy a cat’s style (the mens rea of praying kills more men than bombs) happen upon a way to do that suits only you (care) but not if you have to (skylarking the whole while)