Thursday, April 30, 2009

Taking The Stairs

A Slinky was hanging around the top of some stairs. The future looked mighty bright to the Slinky, though the nights were still dark nonetheless. Right next to the Slinky there were these two magnets, never mind motifs, and these two magnets didn’t like each other. Who knows why they didn’t? They just didn’t. But they were inexorably attracted to each other too. That’s obvious. They were magnets after all, and everyone knows that magnets can’t help but be attracted to each other, at least on one side. When it comes to sidedness, at least magnets have one side where they can’t help but get along. The other side, well, that’s a different story. These magnets, well, they both tolerated the uncertainty of what was going to occur between them. They had to. There was nothing else to be done. Getting angry about this sidedness issue wouldn’t do any good. Being sad about the whole attraction/repulsion thing would obviously come to nothing. So, they went on hating each other and being inexorably attracted to each other also. One of the magnets tried to get the other magnet to hang around on just one side of it, but that other magnet kept turning itself around so that it was repulsed by that side. Then the first magnet, who was trying to keep the other magnet on its good side, would turn around so that it would be attracted to the side of the other magnet which was now turned towards it. But, without fail, that other magnet would somehow find itself just turned around again and, without any mens rea for its actions, unintentionally fleeing the scene. Chronically dissatisfied with all there was in the world around them, the two magnets decided not to fight against it anymore, and they jumped off together from the railing of the stairs. They weren’t wearing parachutes. It was a long ways down. Let’s just say things didn’t end well that day. The future was dim, the days grew just as dark at the nights, and the Slinky tumbled its way down the stairs.