Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gallimaufry #9

A lie was truthing its way through a chemical reaction. If a bottle is left to its own devices will it still break over your head? Courting the splash of lemon on the wall that the sunshine makes is not boring enough to be considered a waste of time. Gravitational pull is the longest way to be sorry. Being curt is common enough to be inexpensive, but it costs more than being free. Take my order, please. Yesterday’s just a dream we all had together. Portending excitement, the clouds made a mistake of thunder, then clasped hands with the lord. Hardship is imminent. The pond is replete with sewage. The vacuum’s cord is a wagging tail that whips evildoers. The overwhelming feeling among the heathens was of being underwhelmed by faith. At a loss for words, the Turkish ambassador found a few unexpected things hidden under the throw rug. The singing of certain Phil Collins’ songs became a shibboleth between the portly group of mid-western insurance salesmen and the drug dealers of Hippocrates Bay, who preferred singing Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes to anything else. I am in want of a need that I can’t find except when I’m not looking for it. Certain mild TV shows were being shown on the 842 television sets lining the wall that seemed to reach well up into the belly of the sky, but they were all reruns, and when many of the laughtracks sounded at the same time it created a cacophony of white-noise-like music that was not that much different from the true sound of pure joy. Energy that was not electric swept through the gathering crowd like a Dustbuster gone haywire. Putting things in their place was something that was never finished. We had smiles on our faces as the lines in the sand were drawn with Cyanoacrylate. Just use an eraser. Older wines had been made into rivers of something resembling liquid nitrogen but not quite as clear. Cussing leads to wars. Fractional distillation of high-pitched squeals is the repercussion of undercooking slabs of granite. Pleading is the best way to venture a guess at the breaking point of 7th grade Language Arts teachers. Sugar runs the risk of being unheard of on the pantry shelves of gunslingers. Ventilation spills from the opening of elevators. A bit of a reprieve from loneliness was all the 9-1-1 operator wanted when she told the pregnant suicidal woman to speak of rivers. Hardest thing about digging that grave for the sheriff was trying to spit on his tombstone between heaving up shovelfuls of earth. Regret might also be a thing with feathers, I just hope it has wings. Keep the sidewalks clean of gum. The happenstance of propriety comes trembling in with little white winged insects. Supplanting accountability with underachievement gives profitably back to the community. Questions arise like reverberations from the heartbeats of discontent. Happiness happens. Ulterior motives aside, the moving company did lose a lot of deck chairs. Candy apples broke the school windows quite well. The racquetball clapped and smacked against the wall as sweat gathered on t-shirts. She often smelled of donuts. Who is this no one who I have become? Clinging to the tree trunk was a sterile adhesive bandage. Where have all the swallows gone? The wolf who cried boy loved marshmallows. Speciousness will be bought and sold to the maternal cousins but not through the parents. Don’t worry darling. Wonder is something to be achieved with binoculars or by aggrandizement slowly through the bottling up of deleterious spirits. Camels have it easy. Right across from the golf course was a Wendy’s that had, “I Sleep With Monty!” scrawled in red felt-pen ink across the bathroom’s puce tile wall. Organizing the shoppers by which coupon codes they used was rather easy. The boys who fought in the war were much more tired in the afternoons than those who hadn’t. When it comes down to it, it doesn’t come down at all. Fond of being lost, the watch repairman turned up the collar on his favorite winter coat, kneeled in front of his broken television set, and pretended to be praying, though he was really thinking about horses and bug spray. She was all lightness and hair and fingerprints. Waiting for the phone to ring cannot be considered a hobby. Yahtzee! Between punches, the mailman, who was in a vicious fist fight with a female jogger, thought about the way the corners of his wife’s eyes wrinkled when she smiled. Cooties are not as contagious as kisses. I thought about the shape of the snowman’s head in my dream as being toroidal. It was the lip balm that my dentist would put on my lips without my permission which turned me off from petrolatum based products for good. Wind can change your mind for you. Lacking the will power to coerce myself into changing anything which would even remotely affect my lugubrious mood, I made coffee. When the crack addicts sleep the pigeons forget to say their prayers. Fluctuations in the movements of derivative styles of Samba de Gafieira often create an intense feeling of “outsiderness” in individuals with less than normal powers of discrepancy when performed in anything but 2/4 time. The sunshine felt good on my knuckles. I’m really bad at understanding what other people are talking about, but I’m really good at pretending that I do. Guffawing is not a good way to earn a living. The clocks were all running out of time. The joke was funny enough to not have to laugh at. Fish don’t have arms or legs. The artsy manicurist, after finding out her neighbor was a collector of discarded VHS tapes, left Hollywood for the shores of Tripoli. Tessellated patterns were what the brick mosaic on the wall was made of. Just pajamas, ah, pajamas and nothing more, with not a thing underneath, if you really want to know, just pajamas, ah pajamas, were all the insurance investigator was wearing when he answered the door. Shallow water was where I spent most of my time in the hotel’s pool. Playing with rubber bands and shoelaces can be a good way to pass a lot of time. Boom went the swordswallower’s fax machine as it hit the sidewalk after being thrown out of the 7th story window. The planning stages of ruining one’s own life, or disgracing oneself in public, can be interesting, but not always enjoyable. Put a lid on it. As he was cutting my hair, the barber, who smelled of Italian dressing and iodine, sneezed into his armpit. Look at me. Look at me. Nights down in Mazatlan with the shades pulled, the moonlight knocking on the door, hiding, smoking cigarettes as that clueless shamus wandered around on the beach, watching the ocean swell and heave, spellbound by the shapes of the waves. Curiously, the banjo music had stopped long before the janitor pulled the rifle’s trigger in the multipurpose room. Making decisions based on the having or having not of money has come to dominate the temporal structures of my life. Get a load of that guy. Mistakes were made, aspersion was cast, laundry was hung, wars were lost, headaches occurred, leaflets got passed around, arrows were broken in two over rising thighs, Jeanies were dreamed of, losses were recovered, the moon went down.