Thursday, August 20, 2009

a spray of freckles

on a cloudy morning

a mistake in the sun slipped its way backwards

eking out rain

eyeing a fogbank

while people foraged for fabric

crossing fingers and collecting buttons

sewing planets in the sky

harvesting moonbeams

expressing their love in Play-Doh cartouches

while mists of the past reappeared in runes

luring bobby pins from the carpet

entertaining attempts at comic strips and crossword puzzles

guzzling gas and gargling ginger ale

watering down the sap of music

with a deluge of seriousness

that will not do a thing

except disappear

or subtly burn off with the fog

gone like a pinch hitter

grounding out on the first pitch

just before afternoon

had thoughts of beginning

like a sugary cladding

for the unlucky few

who color the shadows with dreams

to coat the surface

of things that will never be