Saturday, March 13, 2010

extremely perishable

there are diamonds on the toilet paper

4 o’clock is just a muck of stray soft words to be sunk in

ice-cube recitals happen in a fishbowl beneath the kitchen table

the sky cloudlessly escapes without a heart attack

a fortune in nickels

a ballet of pencils

traces of watertight worlds glum under glass

shelf life leads to untested warranties

playing it safe like being outwardly ordinary

the refrigerator is hording cold

keep lollygagging until it’s too late

there will still be rainwater in the sunflower juice

when the plaster heals cracks in the overthrown

because separation is natural

and everyone goes repairing to the bar eventually

flash pasteurized with beer and prayers

humbled into a safe retreat

a here

that’s never quite here enough