Tuesday, March 23, 2010

a few more from "Rod Serling Was A Legs Man"

Episode 12

a million-dollar talent dribbled away on nickels and dimes

used sparingly on cleaning fluid and bus tickets

drips nice and smooth around the shoulders


a leaky fountain pen that drops ink on a horse’s name in the paper

a purse of 240 bucks

an old crumbbum

the things you need you only need once

nothing is next

the dirty end of the stick

scissors to save a lousy hide

the things you need most

serenity peace of mind humor the ability to laugh at oneself

a box of too-tight shoes with slippery leather soles

to go someplace to find what you need


giving you the business

taking you apart bone by bone

death in the eyes

what was needed for Mr Renard was slippery shoes

Mr Fred Renard

just another guy with a sour mug

but one to whom contentment came

with difficulty


rod serling was a legs man

he had a hankering for ladies with a certain subtle curve and grace to their shape

the black and white landscapes of his dreams came down to two things

slips and cigarettes

while his nightmares ran ragged with bombs and muddy trenches and zithers

props from a war he felt he never should’ve come back from

rod serling had a crush on his typewriter

he knew a good piece when he laid eyes on it

but not before

rod serling never belonged where he was

he knew when the sky was opened

he wanted to be seven years old again

rod serling was a bad drunk

nothing made sense and he always ended up feeling lonely

the hurt inside him turned into a tempered rage

rod serling knew a thing or two about god

he knew god wasn’t the state

he loved the down and out

the beaten

the washed up and used

and the long shots

the underdogs and losers

rod serling was a legs man

summers he used to sit in the window of his office on Sunset

watch the pretty girls go walking by

in their shorts and sun dresses

and shake his head

at what a lucky bastard he was

to be alive