Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Terpsichorean Blues

I am cleaning cleaning cleaning my brain

I am not worried

I am clearing up some matters

I am wooled with curls

spiffy and span

I am spun with spinning

I am cooling down

I am doorbell serious

I am joy on a bumper sticker

I am set on repeat

ply and witty

I am sorting

sort of

short on shoes

I am meaning meaning meaning


I am opened and opening and open too

I am motivating yards

I am ousting a few conquistadors

purchased and ratty

I am low on sleep

I am counting down and up and all around

I am feet feet feet feet

and few between

I am orderly early

I am manageable

I am half of half of half of half

I am not so secret at all

I am bolstered with dust

clammy and intent

I am swift

I am moves moves moves moves


I am danger

I am cringed over please

I am clawing at inert places of interest

truly and liked

I am clip clip clip clip clip

I am two out of every three

I am the remains of chew

I am noted


I am chaliced

I am over ordered

I am eyes shaded

I am ornithologically challenged

hurly and husked

I am oh oh oh oh oh

I am good to my tv set









(game over)