Monday, April 19, 2010


we had a kid. it was a boy. that kid was of the male gender. we taught the kid to pick up things like nails and tire irons and the wrappers of reese’s peanut butter cups. we fed that kid. we kept that kid in clothes. we had a kid. we had this kid. this damn kid. we bought him kfc and subway and del taco and carl's. we got him haircuts. we paid for his movie tickets. we let him have a pet hamster. we had a kid. our kid’s hamster died. we had a kid. we had a damn kid. we put that kid in a straight jacket for a while. we made that kid count to one hundred. we left that kid home alone. we made sure that kid didn’t spit in public. we got that kid some swimming lessons. we had a kid. our kid learned to swim. we had a kid. he stayed in the shallow end. we had a kid. people liked that kid. the neighbors brought him little gifts like miniature plastic nba figures. we had a kid. it is something people do. people also kill each other. our kid never killed anyone. lots of indians got killed when they were making this country. we dressed up our kid like an indian for halloween. our kid got a lot of candy. we had a kid. we made that kid brush his teeth. we took that kid to the beach. he got sand in his eye. he was a screamer and whiner, that kid. we had a kid. we took that kid to a garbage dump. we knew the guy who worked the car crusher. that guy owed us a favor. we had a kid. we gave it a whirl. we had a small two-door sedan. we had a kid. but now we don’t.