Friday, April 9, 2010


worse than the upside of feeling down

a flustering of nerves that comes and goes

a less than profound smattering of courage

testy and sneaking around with a flourish

one up on regret

lettering in assumptions

with a groundbreaking surge of guiltless compassion

pity’s gone out of style

so lose what’s left of the razor’s slice

keep your mouth clean and tidy

move without shadows

and pass the bottle around

over here

one more time

because chances leave no trace of luck

nor is a smidgeon of loss anything

except a curtain call for a lack of trying

upend the top of the bottom story

you’ve never told anyone but yourself

like faking out a prayer

or skirting the dismissal of love

you too

can tell the case from the point

and there is no forgetting

porched and stilled and sapped

with plucked out eyes

and a tardy heart set on cruise control

until the mills of wakefulness

churn out another plug

that’ll recharge the dull batteries of

what once sang happy

through a moment of now

you’ll spy through less clever eyes

what tips and yens

left the better part of whenever

hung in the lofty arc of a just punted irk

like an or

sneaking into the can of please

you will fumble what’s left

and move on

to the grumbling of why

and why not