Sunday, April 11, 2010

shipped back to the minors

trusting in the where of who

penciled-in between laughs and coughs

younger than phones

cleaned out before the now of how

deeply inadvertent

thatching tries together with whys

jumpy if anything but unaware

a hearty burst of glissandos remit

tempting a stall from a retreat

in couples

in gales

hemming a threadbare because with begging eyes

a purloined silence that snips and drags

a plodding drip during a rain delay

pounding the sink low and in

mustering ways to keep life’s double plays in order

it’s a crampy shift towards hello

it’s dusting the plate of there’s where

while all along the line of less was over the under of more

as curbs leave craving junk

as middles appear below bottoms

as coolant strays

parading like butchers through hogtown

rathering to be requested than to request

a squabble insisting surely along the shores of blue

a taste of whether

a dab of if

a monument of could crumbling into should

piping through the wet cement forms of for or to

in a guess of will

stirred into the passive lack of is

forever lost among the shards of a pissed away

tumble into the present