Sunday, April 18, 2010

walk on by

if we have months

we can have days too

and maybe hours


now it seems

like minutes are for suckers

not just seconds

but thirds too

can be just names of things

letters marshaled in an order

a certain way of going along

if we have weeks

strung together like xmas lights

then we have years too

to hold it all together

or to let it all

fall apart

before winter’s

even a twinkle

in summer’s eye

there will be

cobwebs in the lamplight


like a planet that cannot dance

buoyed by boredom

like an emoticon for jealousy

every backyard's lesson

is lost on all the dogs around here

at least

every seven fortnights or so

plums fall from grace


moons die

in quiet parlors

or basement rooms

just as often

as lunatics sip melted Jell-O

through fire-hose-long bendy straws

finally completely lost ticks

without any more


to count


or be thereafter

troubled by

ever again